There is no better feeling than to call a client and tell them their IRS problems are over. No more worrying or looking over their shoulder. It’s just over!

Clients tell me it’s like getting a new lease on life, a fresh start. They finally have a reason to get up in the morning! Listen to how some of them have experienced the end of their IRS problems as a result of working with our firm.

  • $72,000 Tax Debt Reduced to $1,750
  • Mess Cleaned Up
  • IRS Threaten to Close Business That Is Now Making A Profit
  • I Wholeheartedly Recommend Steven Klitzner

$72,000 Tax Debt Reduced to $1,750

Steve, This is probably the millionth time I have thanked you. When I came to you the IRS was taking part of my salary and freezing my bank account. You stopped that immediately. I could not afford to pay anywhere near the $72,000 that I owed. When you told me you were making an Offer in Compromise for such a small amount of money, I thought there was no way the IRS would accept it. When you finished your negotiations and told me the result, I was estatic. My problems are now done and behind me and I can look forward to a fresh start.

A.R. – Miami Beach, FL

Mess Cleaned Up

Steve, When I came to your office and told you I had a complex problem, I was almost too embarrassed by my mess. I will never forget the time you spent with me and how comforting you were. You filed all my returns and organized everything so that even I understood it. Steve, your caring and dedication helped not only my tax problem, but allowed me to get a good night’s sleep again.

L. E. – Key West, FL

IRS Threaten to Close Business That Is Now Making A Profit

My goal was to give my business a chance to make money. After I fell on hard times the IRS was on my back for payroll taxes. They were even billing me personally. Steve Klitzner took the bull by the horns. Instead of back pedaling, he took the offense. Now one year later with a second chance, my business is making a profit and I can concentrate on making money again.

J.S. – Fort Lauderdale, FL

I Wholeheartedly Recommend Steven Klitzner

Wow! You asked me what I wanted accomplished in the end and although you could not guarantee it, you made my dreams come true. I recommended a friend to you and he was also extremely happy with the result you got him. Thank you again.

J.P. – Miami, FL

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