Negotiating an IRS Tax Debt

Steven N. Klitzner, P.A.

Most taxpayers believe that the IRS has unlimited authority to collect taxes. Sometimes I get the feeling that the IRS also believes that. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The IRS is bound by Federal laws. These laws give citizens many rights, including due process and the right to appeal proposed actions by the IRS. For example, before the Revenue Officer can levy wages or bank accounts, the taxpayer has the right to have an Appeals Officer look at the case and decide a better alternative.

Now, unfortunately for the individual, IRS personnel do not explain to them all of their rights. Much of the correspondence that they send does not clearly explain these rights. Always remember that the IRS is not on your side. They have one mission and that is to collect.

So here is the good news. As an attorney whose only specialty is resolving IRS problems, I know all of your rights and can exercise them. I can help you to understand all of your options, including tax debt negotiation. The first thing that I do is get the IRS transcripts and analyze them. I am looking for many things, including whether all tax returns are filed, whether the amount due is correct, what letters have been sent, and when the Statute of Limitations runs. Next, I need a snapshot of your financial situation, including your assets, income, and expenses.

Now I can answer the following questions:

  1. How much is really owed?
  2. Are you eligible for an Offer in Compromise, which can save you thousands of dollars?
  3. Can you pay the IRS with an Installment Agreement?
  4. Are you currently uncollectible, meaning that the IRS will stop all collection action?


Negotiating the tax debt varies case to case. Sometimes, I deal with a local Revenue Officer. Other times I submit the paperwork and wait. When I am contacted by telephone or mail, it is time to work the best deal for my client. This process can sometimes be done quickly. If we can not reach an agreement, I can appeal to an Appeals Officer, whose job it is to settle the case. This is where I generally get the best results for my clients.

Here is the secret. Although the IRS likes to look at numbers in black and white, there are many gray issues that taxpayers do not know about. There are also guidelines in the IRS Manual that they often need to be reminded of. By knowing what can and can not be accepted, the tax practitioner can be very effective and successful on behalf of the taxpayer.

Can the taxpayer handle his or her case without assistance? Think about the work that you do. Can someone come in and do it by themselves without your help? Usually not. If so, probably not as efficiently and effectively. With the stakes involved with tax debt negotiation, seeking the help of a professional is advisable.

I personally give all prospective clients a free, confidential consultation. In one hour, I can tell you what your options are and what I can do for you. Call me today at 305-682-1118 and take the first step toward solving your IRS problem forever, or contact us today for a free consultation regarding your tax debt negotiation needs.

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