Most Common Question

Hi. I’m tax attorney Steve Klitzner. My practice is limited solely to
representing individuals and businesses with IRS problems. Here’s a common
question that people ask. Probably the most asked question when somebody
comes in to the office is: “Am I going to jail?”

Now I can’t speak right here about every single case, but I can tell you
this. The answer is probably not. If you haven’t filed some tax returns or
you haven’t paid the taxes, the IRS really isn’t looking at you to put into
jail. They’re more interested in the high profile people or the people that
are filing false returns or writing the IRS letters like, “It’s
unconstitutional to file taxes.” Those people have a chance of going to
jail. But most people, just like you, don’t pay their taxes, have a couple
of unpaid years, maybe they haven’t filed some returns, and for the most
part, in those cases, the IRS is really just looking to get paid.

So call me for a free consultation, and we’ll talk more about this. My name
is Steve Klitzner and you can reach me at the number below.

Click Here to contact Steve Klitzner of the Florida Tax Solvers or call at
(305) 834-4160

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