The IRS is a powerful agency, but this does not mean that you are powerless to fight them if you believe that they are wrong about what you owe. The tax code is complicated and it is possible for disputes to arise even after making a diligent effort to honestly and accurately prepare your taxes. Further, the IRS can often make mistakes such as entering your income incorrectly or by failing to recognize a valid deduction.

While it may not always seem like it, the IRS is actually not out to get you and there are procedures in place to help correct these types of issues. While anyone can represent themselves when dealing with the IRS, it may be best to contact an attorney when substantial amounts of money are involved. An attorney who has experience dealing with the IRS will know what kind of supporting information they require and which arguments are likely to work when dealing with grey areas of the tax law.

A Weston, FL tax attorney can help in the following areas:


Audits can range from the IRS requesting a single document or minor clarification to a complete review of your finances. Some are random, while others are due to the IRS noticing a discrepancy. Especially in case of the latter, audits can result in a significantly higher tax burden plus interest and penalties. An attorney can help show that your taxes were accurately prepared or that any mistakes were honest and that penalties should therefore be minimal.

Removing liens/levies

Sometimes you aren’t even aware of IRS action until they’ve seized your property or they did so after you unsuccessfully tried to represent yourself. An attorney can help have this property returned to you pending appeal and help negotiate an alternative settlement if you do in fact owe what the IRS says you do.


The IRS has a separate appeals division above its auditors and other representatives. While they are still part of the IRS, their job is to make an independent determination about your case and your attorney will have another chance to make your case.

Tax Court

As a last resort, a special federal court is in place to deal with IRS disputes. If you were unable to reach an agreement with the IRS, your attorney can argue your case to a judge who is independent of the IRS.

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