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Living in beautiful Key Largo, the northernmost island in the Florida Keys, sunshine and ocean breezes are all around you. This wonderful tropical paradise can feel so worlds away from the rest of life that it’s easy to forget about headaches like tax problems — but unfortunately they can still find you.

Even in a place with no state income tax, it’s possible to run into tax problems and face serious consequences from the IRS. The fact is, federal taxes are notoriously complex, and the smallest mistake can cause real problems with the government. That’s why Steven Klitzner is here to help you.

Tax Attorney Services

If you are a Key Largo resident dealing with difficult tax issues, come to us. We can show you how to navigate through complicated regulations and paperwork. Nobody should have to deal with the fees, penalties and hitches of tax issues alone. Through the help of an experienced tax attorney, you’ll know how to respond to confusing IRS demands and may even end up owing less than you’d thought.

Steven Klitzner is here to serve as a buffer between you and the IRS, making sure everything is managed properly. He’ll be your go-between in order to get issues resolved quickly and successfully.

Why Steven Klitzner?

Working with Steven Klitzner means having a personal representative to act on your behalf with IRS agents. Just as IRS agents are experts at finding issues with tax returns, Steven Klitzner has expertise in knowing how to respond to IRS demands. Let us help you avoid unnecessary penalties like liens, garnished wages, fees and so on. We’ll manage your tax problems, cut out headaches and help you finally feel free to enjoy life in the Keys again.

Do you have a tax issue that’s been tough to face alone? Ready to learn more about the help Steven Klitzner offers? Contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation, and let us go over your tax concerns with you face to face.

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Key Largo Tax Problem Resolution Services

At Florida Tax Solvers, Steven Klitzner specializes in the following areas:

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Tax Services Include:

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In addition we offer easy and convenient payment options, including credit cards and payment plans.